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412, 2012

Yet another MVVM philosophy post…

By |December 4th, 2012|Silverlight How To...|8 Comments

Many design patterns have evolved in time over the need to support building “well designed” applications. From Model-View-Controller to Model-View-Presenter (or passive presenter), all the way to the MVVM – “Model-View-View Model” pattern. I am not going to get into a deep philosophical discussion of the differences between them, and what is the “best practice” […]

1204, 2012

To light a candle is to cast a SHADOW

By |April 12th, 2012|Silverlight How To...|0 Comments

In my last post I demonstrated a way to simulate Photoshop’s angle gradient in Silverlight using Effects (or “Pixel Shaders”, to use the technical term). Pixel Shaders are an addition that can add dramatic capabilities to your Silverlight application but it also has its serious cons. It’s hard to debug, hard to maintain, and it can […]

2903, 2012

Angle Gradient in Silverlight 4.0

By |March 29th, 2012|Silverlight How To...|0 Comments

Silverlight is a UI development framework that requires a combination of software development skills with graphic design skills. That does not mean that every good Silverlight developer needs to be an artist (thank god..) but it does mean that knowing your way around graphic design software and being able to understand various concepts from the […]