Applicolors is a small team of developers that provides services aimed at building rich user interface applications.

UX is a hot topic these days. Many vendors realize that a rich user experience is a key factor in the application success chance.

We are a small team of experienced software developers, designers, and consultants focusing on the Rich Applications Industry. We focus on responsive and beautiful desktop and tablet applications for windows. We believe in designing for richness from the core of the application, starting at the application structure, the screens, the controls and the interaction. But an application richness is not just it’s design. Application quality is set by the weakest link, and that can be the code architecture, or even the development process itself. Our expertise is creating an efficient and friendly development process.

We put a strong emphasis on the human interfaces between the product management and definition team, the designers, the back end services developers and the front end application developers. While we are experienced software developers, we also speak “Designrish” fluently, which allows us to work well with designers and implement their most ambitious application design into code.

We also provide training and counsel to development teams that want to learn how to build “Blendable” software, and how to use Blend as an effective development tool for rich UX.